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Raising our Voice with Gratitude

Raising our Voice with Gratitude

Raising our Voice with Gratitude

When we founded Vermouth it was very much to solve the health and environmental problems that abound in the beauty industry; micro plastics and synthetic oils in formulas and the staggering amount of plastic waste created by packaging. However, Vermouth is equally a response to the demeaning way the beauty industry treats women. Feelings that only become more acute as you get older.

We use a lot of data science to understand the conversations women are having about beauty and how they experience the messages they receive. Language matters. We wear lipstick to emphasize our mouth, the outlet for our voice, and we believe our voices have the ability to make change. What we say, and how we say it, can make a positive difference in the world.

All three of us grew up in countries where we’ve had the opportunity to chart our own course in life. We’ve had careers, we’ve voted for what we believe in, we’re free to love who we choose and, we had the right to make the decisions about what was best for our own bodies.

The choices we face in life are not always simple. Each one of us experiences a unique set of circumstances that makes what’s right for us, different from what’s right for someone else. In fact, we created our Vermouth “flights” of five crayons because even choosing a lipstick color is a nuanced decision. What looks amazing on you might not look at all the same on your friend.

Vermouth believes every woman should have the ability to live her life as she chooses. We believe in compassion, not judgement. Respect does not require agreement. We intend to use our voice to make sure that women have the tools and resources they need to chart their own course in life. Because the ability to control your own body is fundamental to your ability to control your own life, Vermouth has chosen to donate $2 from every box purchased between Black Friday and November 30th to Planned Parenthood, in gratitude for all the work they do to educate, care for, and support women on life’s journey.

We hope you’ll stock up on gifts for your friends and feel as good as we do about being part of a community that lifts each other up and supports each other without judgement.

Vermouth is pro-voice.