Get any 2 flights of 5 for $90 + 2 FREE To-Go Tubes!

About Us

We believe you should embrace what makes you  feel good - inside and out.

Our goal is to give you the freedom to express and own what makes you feel beautiful.

Liberating Individual Beauty

Made with sustainable, nourishing ingredients and packaged in 100% compostable materials, our gorgeous lip colors look and feel fantastic – and our packaging and formulas are completely plastic-free. With Vermouth Beauty, you can look, feel and do good just by wearing nourishing lip color perfectly suited to your mood of the day.

Meg Diaz CEO, Chief Product Officer

Meg’s inspirational leadership style is the result of a truly unique combination of pragmatic business skills and the heart and soul of an artist. Her design for Vermouth’s lip crayons was sparked by a recollection of the Renaissance art tools she used during her Watson Fellowship, apprenticed to a fresco painter in Italy. Over her career she has built financial models and advised major corporations as a business consultant, as well as developing products and overseeing production at a small beauty company.

Meg’s sense of purpose comes from being an active member of her community – whether advocating in the public schools or volunteering as a hockey coach. It was inevitable that when Meg and Jill met they would cook up something exciting – and that’s just what happened when they met over a glass of Vermouth.

Meg’s go-to flight is usually BFF, using either BFF Monday or Tuesday as a base (depending if she wants a bolder or quiet look) and blending colors from the rest of the week in to get just the right look – for her, it’s the lipstick wardrobe that suits her best.

Jill Jago CMO, Chief Sustainability Officer

With a passion for making the world a better place and 25 years of strategic communications experience, Jill was made to lead marketing efforts for a company that wants to liberate individual beauty.

Sophisticated, active and vibrant, Jill is the Vermouth woman. Women who love long hikes in the wilderness, women who like to explore without a map, or busy moms rushing from work to family obligations while thinking about how to get dinner on the table – Jill has been and still is all of these women. She wants beauty products that both nourish women’s bodies and are good for the planet. She believes in honest, transparent communications and making sure that Vermouth walks our talk. 

Jill’s go-to flight is In-the-Nude. Whether walking the dog or running a meeting she loves that “put together” feeling that any combination of In-the-Nude shades produces. She doesn’t overthink it. Just grabs whichever two come to hand and admires the effect!