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This International Women’s Month Celebrate True Beauty

This International Women’s Month Celebrate True Beauty

This International Women’s Month Celebrate True Beauty

When we founded Vermouth Beauty one of our prime motivators was to create a brand that allowed every woman to embrace what makes her feel beautiful - inside and out.

For too long, the beauty industry has been telling women that we need fixing. It has capitalized on our insecurities and vulnerabilities by pushing products that promise to fix perceived “flaws". 

The big companies that drive the industry, many of which have few women at the helm, have created unattainable beauty standards perpetuating cycles of self-criticism and discontent. We are constantly bombarded with the message that we need to take action to be beautiful.

Vermouth Beauty is here to challenge that narrative. We want women to have the freedom to revel in what makes them happy, without worrying about conforming to a preconceived beauty ideal. We know we’re not alone in experiencing that boost of self-assurance you get when you apply a good lipstick. Whether you’re walking into the board room, picking up kids from daycare, or lying on the sofa watching the latest binge-worthy TV series, we made our lip crayons to nurture your confidence.


Reflection of woman applying Vermouth Lip crayon with trees in background


We also made them to respect the Earth. It’s conscious beauty that gives you authority to feel good about what you are putting on your body. It isn’t about how you look but about how you feel. Feeling beautiful is just that, a feeling. We want our lip crayons to be your secret smile—a confidence booster that helps you navigate life's challenges with resilience, humour and a little sass. 

International Women’s Day was founded to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.To show our support and advocacy for this year’s theme of inspiring inclusion we’re donating $1 from every purchase to Planned Parenthood for the whole month of March. We believe that every woman deserves the freedom to choose what’s best for her - and that when she makes that decision it’s almost always what’s in the best interests of everyone.

This International Women’s Month, we honor the women who inspire us, lift us up, and remind us of the extraordinary power of our inherent beauty.

Meg & Jill